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As a national utility construction company, Electric Conduit Construction provides turnkey construction services for telecommunication and electric infrastructure systems.  We specialize in start-to-finish execution of design, build and optimization of utility networks for major public and private utility owners. Our work has allowed our clients to connect their existing networks and rapidly expand their footprints throughout the Midwest.

External fiber networks differ from internal since the work sequence is often governed by State and municipal permitting agencies. Utility conflicts are commonplace. As a result, these networks are knitted together in seemingly random segments that ultimately join to connect to a head end and feed nodes. Keeping the big picture in mind for our customer means that they benefit from fewer splices, cost savings, time savings, a higher quality build and faster speed to market. It is the management and execution of this process that sets Electric Conduit Construction ahead of the competition.

Our crews have installed thousands of miles of fiber from 12 to 864 count cables. These fiber installations include aerial and underground placement. We also install underground conduit for fiber placement  via open cut trenching and horizontal directional drilling. We have installed interstate long haul fiber as well as micro-fiber in city streets. All to help our customers deliver more bandwidth to their customers.

When the project is complete we perform testing to assure that we have delivered a network with continuity and the signal strength specified by the customer.

Fiber optic capabilities:

  • Urban, suburban, long haul to micro-fiber
  • Aerial placement to include ADSS in the Power Space and Strand Overlash in the Telecommunication Space
  • Open cut, or horizontal directional drill
  • Relocations, pole transfer
  • Fiber backhaul for small cell and macro cell sites
  • Private fiber optic networks
  • Backbones, head ends
  • Rings, host to host
  • Fiber splicing, testing, and troubleshooting
  • Emergency fiber repair

Electric Conduit Construction’s emergency response capability is a 24/7 operation with a 2 hour on scene response. We are able to assess damage and determine the fastest way to get customers active with either a temporary or permanent repair.

Responsibility is the foundation for all we do.

For over 60 years, we’ve built an environment within our company where safety is everyone’s responsibility. Every phase of every project, we accept nothing less than an accident-free jobsite. We believe this standard leads to safer and more productive jobsites and that’s why we’re dedicated to having the highest level of protection for our employees, our customers and the general public. That’s our standard.

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60 years of experience serving the utility & wireless industry

Look over our project map. If your projects are located in this area we can help you with any type of Underground Construction, Cell Tower, or DAS project.

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