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Emergency Call Out Services

Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) supports customers after their projects are completed. 24-hour emergency call out services and maintenance programs are available for the following:

  • Intelligent Road Systems (ITS) street lighting, traffic signals, sensors, fiber, and power
  • Small Cell radios, antenna, alignment, back haul fiber, power, and general troubleshooting
  • Storm damage repair to distribution power, secondaries, fiber, and related infrastructure
  • Sub-station data collection devices including routers, cap-bank, regulators, passive optical networking devices (PON), Routers on Poles (ROP), and weather stations.

ECC’s emergency call out service responds to over 25 calls per week. A typical emergency call is responded to in under two hours. A trained technician inspects the site and assesses the situation. This early assessment saves our customers time and money by focusing the right expertise, crew, and equipment on the trouble. ECC’s objective is to understand the problem first and fix it fast. 

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