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Speed to Market. 3000' in 2 Weeks

3000' feet of fiber in an urban area is not easy since the open cut work can be disruptive to vehicle and pedestrian traffic, not to speak of the disruption to businesses. When a major cable provider came to us with an urgent request to lay 3000' feet of fiber to an important data center the request came with an, "oh by the way, you have to have it done in two weeks." 

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From Print to Reality

Mobilization could not start until the JULIE/Digger locates cleared. That took 48 hours. The moment they cleared the work began with open cut work and potholing to positively locate all utilities in the line-of-lay. This was doen with hydro-vac equipment and hand digging. At times the progress was painfully slow due to numerous utility crossings. Our crews managed to achieve the 250'/day average to complete the work. 

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Open Cut Trench Ready for 4" Conduit

In all 3,000' of 4" conduit with 3 innerducts and 4 manholes were placed. This required close coordination with the city for traffic control and locates. No traffic incidents or utility strikes occured and the job was conducted in a safe manner and without incident. 

IMG 3882CrOpen Cut   

Our customer was pleased to meet their deadline and start the data flow over the new line. Electric Conduit Construction can meet your  tight deadlines. We know how important it is for our customers to bring their infrastructure into service as quickly as possible and we make every effort to make it happen on every job. 

Responsibility is the foundation for all we do.

For over 60 years, we’ve built an environment within our company where safety is everyone’s responsibility. Every phase of every project, we accept nothing less than an accident-free jobsite. We believe this standard leads to safer and more productive jobsites and that’s why we’re dedicated to having the highest level of protection for our employees, our customers and the general public. That’s our standard.

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