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200' Tower - Removed - Safely

It is a long way up a 200' tower. Four men became ants when they reached the very top. An all terrain crane was rigged, and its telescoping boom was already 50' above the level of the tower. The winds were calm as the crew rigged the lifting slings and began to unbolt the top section. Our lead foreman was at the top directing the entire process and would remain with the crew as they worked their way down, section by section. As the bolts were removed the crane operator adjusted the boom position to balance the load, and when the last bolt was removed the top 30' of the tower gently rose and then moved laterally to clear the tower and descend to the ground. 

This process was repeated, section by section until the entire tower was on the ground, in sections ready for disassembly. This was the type of project where preparation was everything and execution did not leave room for error. 

The safety planning required an engineered lift plan, and specialized PPE's for climbing. This included properly fitted harnesses, protective helmets, safety glasses, gloves, steel toe boots. In addition the crew is certified to climb and had experience with this type of work. 

Project Notes:

Tower height 200'

Duration 1 day

Crew Size 6

Crane size 150 ton

Material Galvanized Steel

Disposal Scrap

This was a well planned project, properly executed. Our customer was happy to see the tower removed and was pleased with the safety and professional work of our crew. 

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