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5g LTE Upgrades

Have you ever wondered about 4g, 5g, 5g E + and LTE symbols on your mobile phone screen?

These network upgrades are delivering increasingly faster speeds to your phone via advanced LTE networks. This is not 5g gigabyte performance, but speeds are improving. Only a few areas are on a truly 5g network and to access those blazing speeds your phone must be 5g equipped. Most phones are not.

These changes occur because the network software changed along with the radios and antennas. Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) crews are kept very busy upgrading small cell sites to deliver these faster speeds to users. Much of this work is done at night by our skilled linemen, technicians. The work requires the removal of old radios and the installation of new radios, integrated antennas and all the power and fiber optic connections.

These are highly directional antennas, and every radio set must be properly aligned to meet the coverage specifications on the work orders and drawings.

ECC has met the needs of its customers since 1963. We build fiber rings, small cell nodes and rings, long haul fiber, and electrical distribution systems. Our specialties include aerial work, civil, directional drilling, and open cut work.

Count on ECC for building your complex and critical projects.

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