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AED's - A Life Saver

According to the National Heart Association ( “We've all walked past them: Little red, yellow, or green boxes with hearts on them and the letters "AED." They can be found in office buildings, gyms, schools, airports, shopping malls – almost anywhere large crowds gather. These little boxes can save lives. But few people use them.  An AED – short for automated external defibrillator – is an easy-to-use medical device that can restore a normal heart rhythm to someone who has gone into cardiac arrest.”

Electric Conduit Construction elected to be pro-active and supply all their crews working near distribution level voltage with AED’s and the training to use them.

Recent incidents with utility companies in the Midwest have demonstrated that linemen working overhead distribution or in manholes containing power cables have benefitted from the immediate use of CPR and AED’s. Lives have been saved with this equipment.

We hope the equipment never has to be used, but AED’s fall into the category of equipment that is better to have an not need, than to need and not have.

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