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Confined Space Training

Electric Conduit Construction sponsored crew training for Confined Space work. Over twenty foremen, crew members and management attended a two hour safety workshop on how to enter and work in confined spaces do it safely. Most confined space deaths occur due to toxic atmospheres.

The stories told about deaths occurring in confined space were chilling to hear and most were the result of poor or no planning and carelessness. Safety is the key to success and there is no room for anything less than good preparation and following procedures to the letter. 

Topics discussed included the working limits for CO, CO2, O2, H2S, LEL's and other gases such as ammonia. the use of meters, calibration, proper entry and exit permits and techniques.

Rescue strategies were also discussed. The use of harnesses and lifting equipment, notification to EMT and fire departments with an emphasis on communication and pre planning. 

The role of the foreman and crew in the job site analysis and work permit is a way of communicating and bringing everyone on to the same page. Those working in the confined space have strict responsibilities to monitor the condition of the atmosphere at all times. As an additional safeguard the topside attendant has one responsibility, monitoring the men in the space. The attendant acts as a check in case something goes wrong. He is actively monitoring the atmosphere inside the space via his own meter with an extension tube in to the space. 

Confined Space work is dangerous and demands the utmost in planning, caution and execution. We applaud the men who attended this workshop and trust that they will lead their colleagues to safe work practices while working in and around confined spaces

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