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Infrastructure for solar energy

Connecting 1.3 mw of Renewable Energy to the Grid

Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) is connecting renewable energy to the grid. During the winter and spring of 2023 ECC was tasked with connecting five community solar farms to the grid.

The five solar farms totaled 46.57 acres and their combined AC output was rated at 1,332 kw. Connecting required directional drilling and pullback of 5, 296' of conduit, 400’ of opencut work and numerous handholes and manholes. Part of the scope of work was pouring equipment pads for the inverters, panels, and transformers.

These connected facilities are now putting electricity into the grid. Solar farms have an expected life of 25 years and their efficiency is increasing with each passing year. We expect more of this work as the push for renewable energy increases.

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