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Construct Program Kicks Off with Job Shadowing

The Construct program is a joint initiative between contractors in the City of Chicago and various agencies that serve the inner city community. Started by Com Ed, the purpose of the program is to teach solid life and work skills and give young adults opportunities to develop careers in industries that can support them for the rest of their life. 

Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) is proud to be a associated with this program and is working hard to provide real world examples of work experiences. This will give candidates a solid basis upon which to make a decision about their career pathway. 

ECC is the premier contractor for underground and aerial construction of telecommunication and fiber optic infrastructure in the City of Chicago. Our goal is to develop a strong, technically capable, and safe work force from the communities where the work is occurring. Construct gives us that opportunity. On April 4th our superintendents met with four candidates at 06:45 am. After a safety orientation and an outline of the day's plan our superintendents took them to multiple job sites where they worked with the crews to install conduit, pull fiber, and experience what it is like to run a horizontal directional drill and other pieces of construction equipment. 

All of the candidates were impressed with the operation, the attention to safety and the professionalism of our men and women. We would like to thank Construct and the contributing agencies for the opportunity to give these candidates a window into the world of construction. We wish them well and look forward to speaking with them after graduation. Here are few photographs of their experiences:

Checking out the excavator (L), Directional drilling 101 (R)

Pulling fiber into conduit (L), Placing aerial fiber (R)

Learning to locate (L), Pulling back conduit (R)

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