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Crown Castle 2023 Safety Award Given to Electric Conduit Construction

Electric Conduit Construction was selected as Crown Castle’s companywide contractor safety recognition award winner. The award was presented on June 13th, 2023, to ECC management and safety representatives.

Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) has a 60+ year history of work in the underground and overhead utility spaces. ECC also has also spent years building a safety culture with a remarkably simple objective, “Do everything possible to make sure employees return home healthy and uninjured.”  

ECC produces approximately 205,000 man-hours of work each year for different customers. ECC submits over 90,000 dig tickets annually. Their work consists of overhead utility work, underground work including trenching and directional drilling, work near water, and work in tunnels. In all this work there is potential for accidents and injury. Crews are in new environments every week if complacency or normalization of deviance were to take hold the outcome could be an injury or worse.

According to Crown Castle’s Safety Specialist, Wes Harshbarger, “Contractors are nominated for this award for a variety of factors which include innovation, best practices, safety performance, improvement, and others.”

Harshbarger went on to say that “ECC was chosen from among 350 contractors, based on the volume of work consistently performed for Crown Castle and no safety incidents or concerns/issues during site safety observations. Crew members in the field are professional and always take pride in ensuring safe operations. ECC’s investment in a safety management software platform to improve tracking and visibility of KPI’s & data points, leading indicators, audits, and overall engagement in your safety program has also made ECC stand out.

I would also add that especially in our line of work, working safely not only ensures work crews go home in the same condition they came to work each day but also ensures the public is unharmed in and around our work sites. Safety, productivity, and quality go hand in hand. At times, there is a misconception that workplace safety, productivity and quality are equally exclusive, and for one area to benefit, the other must be negatively impacted. The reality is that safety, productivity, and quality complement each other. For instance, if a safety incident occurs, works stops and productivity is immediately impacted. This costs unnecessary time and effort which directly affects the bottom line.

In addition, when safety is a priority and there’s a culture of well-being within the workplace, morale and engagement is usually at a high level which allows more focus on the quality of work instead of the worry and stress that comes with unsafe work environments."

 It is an honor for ECC to be recognized in this way, but the credit goes to the men and women of ECC who go to work every day, in all types of weather and do their jobs safely. To them we give our heartfelt thanks.

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