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Directional Drilling 5 Degrees Fahrenheit

For the last several days the air temperature has been at or below zero. If the wind chill is added the readings are 15 to 20 degrees colder. These temperatures are hard on men and equipment. 

Electric Conduit Construction's morning safety briefings have stressed the importance of covering exposed skin, taking breaks to warm up, drinking hot fluids and keeping an eye on each other for signs of frostbite.

Our customers want their work to get done and that requires preparation and procedures that keep our men safe and our equipment operating. 

Today one of our HDD crews set up a Vermeer 20x22 machine to drill two separate 400 foot shots. Each will be reamed to 6" and each will have a single 4" conduit pulled back. Any operational shutdown requires that the water hose from the mud pump to the drill be disconnected and drained. Antifreeze must be pumped into that portion of the drill string that is above the frost line. When drilling resumes the mud pump line is reconnected and drilling fluid is pumped into the drill string. keeping the mud circulating while the drill is idled prevents the mud from freezing. 

These are not the most pleasant conditions to work in. By taking precautions, following good procedures and dressing warmly our crews can do their part to maintain construction schedules and completing our assigned work on time. 

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