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Directional Drilling with no Utility Damage


Horizontal Directional Drilling is the least disruptive way to place utilities. If we all had X-Ray vision we would immediately see the dangers that drilling crews face. Consider a city block with homes every sixty feet. Each of those homes has water, gas, sewage, electric, and communication lines running to it. Some or all may be placed underground. Without exercising discipline and caution a gas line could be cut and a sewer line cross bored. Gas will seek the path of least resistance and quickly flow into the now opened sewer line. The consequences have been all too graphically displayed on the evening news when the splintered remains of a home is shown.

Now multiply this by day after day of drilling underground in neighborhoods all across the nation. Directional drilling is less disruptive than trenching but it is dangerous for crews and the public unless a utility damage prevention plan is closely adhered to. At Electric Conduit Construction we developed policies and training that enable our crews to drill safely day after day with out incident.

Our highest priority is the safety of our crews and the public. We would like to show you some of the techniques we use to ovoid utility strikes with this video filmed at the recent Planet Underground, Round Table Live.

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