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Electric Conduit Construction is now a certified Energy Efficiency Measures  & EVehicle Charging Station Installer

Energy Efficiency Measures Installer means persons or entities that perform installations of energy efficiency measures. Energy efficiency measures mean measures that reduce the amount of electricity or natural gas required to achieve a given end use. Energy efficiency also includes measures that reduce the total Btus of electricity and natural gas needed to meet the end use or uses.


Installing means connecting, in accordance with applicable building and electrical codes, the conductors, connectors and all associated fittings, devices or apparatuses mounted at the premises that are directly involved in delivering energy from the premises' electrical wiring to the energy efficiency measure.

This the description from the State of Illinois web site. In simple terms it means that the sophisticated equipment used to control energy use is dependent on software programs and many sensors feeding information to a processing unit. The addition of this control equipment makes a building programable and energy use is reduced. Often the best way to do this is through the use of fiber optic networks and optical interfaces to the internet.

Our skilled installers and technicians have the experience and training to install and set up these systems. We are proud of the job they do and look forward to helping Illinois businesses and consumers save energy.

About Electric Conduit Construction

With offices and construction yards in Elburn and Chicago, ECC is an award winning, national utility construction company that provides turnkey construction services to the telecommunication and electric utilities. ECC specializes in start-to-finish execution of the design, build and optimization of utility networks for major public and private utility owners. ECC's work has allowed its clients to connect their existing networks and rapidly expand their utility footprints throughout the region.

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