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Electrical Projects

Thanks to our safety minded crews a mislabeled 480 volt breaker was still energized after the crew placed it in the off position. As it turned out the breaker that they thought would deenergize the pump house they were working in, in fact, killed the power to another pump house. Our electricians always test before touch, no matter what the voltage. In this case a simple demolition job could have turned deadly had it not been for the diligence and safety minded approach that our crews exercise every single day. 

Our electrical construction projects are varied and spread all over the upper midwest. Not only is ECC performing electrical work, but they are placing fiber both aerial and underground for various customers. The fiber is then being spliced into customer owned networks. Other projects include instrument tubing and wiring, industrial wiring, conduit placement, overhead cable tray placement and wiring. Voltages range from 24 volt DC to 480 volt AC. Crews take great pride in their work and their safety. The following photos show the variety of work we are engaged in:

L to R Equipment wiring, fiber optic wiring, instrumentation

L to R Cable tray installation, equipment rack mount, panel wiring

L to R Panels mounted and wired, splicing fiber, tubing for engine sensors

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