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Fiber Optic Cable Installation

The requirements for fiber optic cable will increase logrythmically over the coming decade. 5G communications networks, sensor devices, monitoring devices and control devices will all be connected and communicating via fiber optic cable to internet routers and servers. Additional traffic will be added with autonomous vehicles, smart roadways and other aspects of commercial trade and industrial control. Fiber Optic cable offers tremendous bandwidth as well as enhanced cyber security when used in private networks. Companies requiring cyber security are moving fast to install fiber optic cable and create their own networks.

Electric Conduit Construction created a short video which provides some detail on effort required to install aerial fiber optic cable. We also install this cable by horizontal directional drilling but this video focuses on aerial installation only.

Installing Fiber Optic Cable by Aerial Methods


Our thanks to the men and women of Electric Conduit Construction

the infrastructure they build stands as a monument to their hard work, and attention to safety and quality.

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