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Fiber Splice Speeds Small Cell to Market

Small cell installations only work well when high speed backhaul is available. This usually means proximity to a fiber optic trunk cable. One of our customers, a major telecommunications company, engineered a series of small cell sites that had to be installed and tested. Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) won the project as a turn-key solution. Part of the work involved splicing lateral tails off of the backbone cable, and pigtails at the hub sites. Our fiber splice crew and trailer was kept busy moving from site to site fusing connections and running the OTDR tests. The result of this work is enhanced performance for small cell installations. The end user has a much better experience with few delays to the transmission, and receipt of video data or graphics files. Fiber optic cable is revolutionizing communications and knitting together all type of wireless devices, machine to machine communications and facilitating the Internet of Things. Electric Conduit Construction provides the skilled labor, project management and safety personnel to maintain this important infrastructure. 

REFERENCE PROJECT: AGL Magazine publishes small cell article 


End of splice case (L) Splice tray (R)

Fusion machine (L) (R)

Splice case (L) - Fiber tail (R)

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