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Job Site Analysis. How important is it?

A recent project in downtown Chicago required the removal and replacement of communications equipment on a roof top. Sometimes even a crane cannot reach high enough to do the job.
Our crews opted to use a Sikorsky Helicopter to do the heavy lifting. Which brings us to the to the topic of Job Site Analysis (JSA). This process requires that the foreman and crew consider the work and the hazards associated, and think through how they must work in order to stay safe and avoid injury. With a helicopter buzzing around everyone is hyper alert. But what about those times, most of the time when there is no helicopter.
How important is a Job Site Analysis (JSA) then?
Any job requires forethought and planning before execution. Sometimes the most mundane job is the one where someone is seriously hurt. Possibly because the crew thought it was mundane.
Our JSA's are the final and most important level of hazard recognition. At the field level employee participation is paramount in ensuring our projects stay event free. 
Electric Conduit Construction takes JSA's seriously. In our goal to achieve a ZERO injury year, the JSA is critical and all hands have to be engaged in their own and their coworkers safety. if everyone takes the tool box talks, JSA's and safety briefings seriously injuries will be eliminated. You can bet our crew did when they used a Sikorsky Helicopter for a sky crane. Now we have to do it all the time.

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