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Moving 85 foot light poles - carefully!

A temporary light pole on a tollway illuminates the road way during construction activities. Traffic never stops during construction and lighting is essential at night. Electric Conduit Construction was called in to move several 85 foot temporary, wood poles. A storm sewer had to be realigned and the new sewer excavation would have compromised the pole's earthen support.. 


"When we assessed the site it was clear that a stable work area had to be built before work on the poles could begin. We hauled in enough stone to build and compact a stable 20'x 30' pad for the crane and other equipment"

Shawn Kelly

Before moving the pole a 20'x30; compacted gravel base had to be created to support the crane and it's outriggers. ECC digger truck crews augered a new hole, while electricians on boom trucks removed the overhead wires. The crane was positioned, made the pick and set the pole back 10' into the new hole. 

This delicate operation was repeated three times. Traffic whizzing by at 65 miles per hour, did not know the operation was occuring. 

Good planning, skilled crews and good equipment make an operation like this look easy. Thanks to ECC crews for doing this work safely. 

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