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Tower LTE Upgrades Bring Internet to More Users

Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) won a project to upgrade tower in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio. The towers varied from mono-pole to self supperter type structures. The objective was to improved performance by upgrading to LTE. In some cases this meant using directional drills to bring in fiber optic cable, then running that cable to the top of the towers. Crews hoisted new radio and antenna packages in place and aligned the antennas to the specifications on the carrier's prints. Power and ground cables were run and terminations made at the radio and in the control building. ECC performed this work through the fall and winter and crews worked through all types of weather. 

Winter work is much different than summer and most crew members would agree that cold temperatures slow them down. On one site the access road pitched up steeply and soon became slick with ice. Every vehicle had to be chocked to keep them from sliding. Despite the conditions ECC's speed to market was very fast and our startups were flawless. 

Safety is a prime concern. We believe that no one should receive even the slightest injury and we take steps to make sure that personal protective equipment is used by every crew member or anyone coming on to the site.

As you travel through the upper midwest you may not see our work but when you pull over to make a call, look at your phone and see the letters LTE on your screen, as you are parked next to a corn field, there is a good chance that one of Electric Conduit Construction's crews made that happen.

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