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Delivering Customer Service with a Joint Trench

Customers demand service and it is really appreciated when it helps them with their bottom line. It was no surprise to our customers when, during the planning phases of a fiber optic build in downtown Chicago, we brought the project stake holders and the major telecommunications companies together to discuss the project and explore the idea of building a joint trench.

Once the street is blocked, traffic disrupted and the street is opened up, it matters little if one conduit or 25 are placed in the trench. Of course it has to be a little deeper and a little wider but that is the extent of it. The City of Chicago, Department of Transportation is also a stake holder. In this case they were planning to mill the street and repave. They were really in favor of a joint trench because the more work done ahead of paving work, the less likely the paving will be cut up.

This turned out to be a complicated six week project weaving this fiber duct work around innumerable obstacles and existing utilities. Read more at:

Delivering Customer Service with a Joint Trench

At the conclusion of this 6 week project. Several high rise commercial and residential buildings found themselves with fiber to the door. Our customers were pleased that they were able to share the cost and the City of Chicago, Department of transportation benefitted by opening the street one time for construction work.

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